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Hello Everyone,

We have created a new tool that allows you to scraper keywords that google loves in a matter of minutes!

Simply enter your keyword in the software, and it will scrape all google suggestions and copy it into a text file.

This will help you to determine which keywords google loves and people click!


  • You just have to enter your keyword in the box and click “Go”. That’s it!!!
  • The software will scrape all the available Google suggestions into a csv file called “google-results.csv”, will be available on your desktop after the software completes execution.
  • Whenever you would like to pause the software you can click “Pause”.
  • If you want to restart or shut down your system or close the software then you can click the button “Stop” which will save the Google suggestion words to the text file until it has scraped.

You can just leave the software running as a background job and when it completes execution, it will result in creating a csv file “google-results.csv” and save the Google suggestions in it.

The software will alert you saying “Google suggestions saved successfully!!!” when it completes execution.